Qube Desktop Client

Qube Desktop Client 2.7

Qube is a powerful yet surprisingly easy-to-use desktop search client
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Qube centers around the concept of browserless search, blending third generation websearch capabilities with user collaboration, progressive advertising & social networking.
Qube is a powerful yet surprisingly easy-to-use desktop search client. Here's a brief look at the features that make Qube the search tool of choice:
-Qube enables, for the first time, single-click websearch, without having to use a browser, switch applications or even enter a keyword.
-Query the internet's best search engines to retrieve collated results, of highest relevance to your keyword, in less than 2 seconds.
-View & Manage your RSS feeds right from your desktop. All common data syndication formats are supported, including XML formats like RSS and Atom.
-Keeps track of all your searches and logs the visited URL's of the target result.
-Qube Instantly searches any text already onscreen (or manually entered), while also enhancing your search with features like Real-time Spell Checker, History Logging, Dictionary results and more, without any performance penalties.
-For instant webpage preview. Customizable, and supports tabbed browsing.
-Qube intelligently monitors adult content from results and handles it according to your instructions.

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